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Responsible Business Workshop


05 November 2015

Workshop on the Corporate Social Responsibility in the Land Sector (Laos)


The Lao PDR is experiencing a relatively rapid economic growth which creates great potential for national development. The country’s land and natural resources are converted and exploited to reach demanding economic and development goals. In this context, it is important to create an operational environment conducive to private sector development and investment that helps to achieve development goals – simultaneously ensuring that the private sector and investments play a responsible role in the Lao society contributing not only to economic goals but also to social and environmental goals. In this framework, economic growth is a means to achieve social goals and higher well-being for Lao people without exceeding ecological limits of the country.

The concept of corporate social responsibility means that companies act responsibly and seek a positive impact on the communities, employees, environment, and other stakeholders that are central to their functioning. When it comes to the land sector, the principles of CSR imply that the productive and economic capacity of land and natural resources are exploited in a sustainable way, without undermining local people’s livelihoods in the process.

A number of challenges exist in promoting further CSR practices and corporate accountability in Laos, including: lack of awareness about CSR, absence of an enabling policy environment or common standards of good practice, and lack of resources and lack of sufficient capacity to enhance adoption of CSR. The workshop aims to increase multi-stakeholder dialogue on the topic.


  • Improve understanding of the concepts of corporate social responsibility (CSR) across a wide variety of stakeholders, in particular improve understanding between different groups;
  • Initiate an dialogue between business, government and civil society actors;
  • Introduce initiatives in Laos of companies and government promoting principles of corporate social responsibility and corporate accountability, with a focus on land-based investments;
  • Introduce models of how companies and civil society organizations interact with the communities in which they operate (e.g. FPIC and grievance& feedback mechanisms). Seek ways to promote and strengthen the community engagement across a large number of organizations in Laos.
  • Introducing the ASEAN Social Economic blueprint CSR network

Draft Agenda Download


Session 1:

  • Broad definition & concept of CSR, by CSR ASEAN Network, Mr Jerry Bernas Download Lao, English
  • Status of IPD initiative on CSR, Present by MPI, Mme Thavichanh and GIZ, Khankeo Download Lao, English
  • Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability and the process of private sector working group, by IFC, Ms Kate Lazerus Download Lao, English

Session 2:

  • CSR awareness in the coffee sector, with a focus on land acquisition and land use practices, and community engagement, by Olam/Outspan, Mr Karsten Ziebell Download Lao, English
  • Land acquisition practices, FPIC, and community building initiatives in cooperation with local government and communities, by Stora Enso, Mr. Don Giannace Download Lao, English
  • Communal land titling in the Nakai resettlement areas, by Nam Theun 2, Mr. Sivixay Soukkhalath Download Lao, English
  • CSR awareness in the rubber plantation sector – with a focus on land acquisition and land use practices, and community engagement. Presented by VRG – Mr. Duong Dinh Bong
  • A case study of an effort toward conflict resolution in Koh Kong Province by NGO Forum, Mr. Vong Kosal,Cambodia Download Lao, English
  • Adding value of CSR how to engage with private sector and facilitate dialogue, by The Lao Farmers Group, Mr. Bounliep Thammavong Download Lao, English