MRLG partners and stakeholders gather for learning and planning joint activities in Cambodia.

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MRLG partners and stakeholders gather for learning and planning joint activities in Cambodia.


24 November 2016

The third Cambodia MRLG annual national stakeholder workshop was held on 22nd and 23rd of November 2016 at the Cambodiana Hotel in Phnom Penh, with more than 60 participants, including 10 representatives from government (MLMUPC, MAFF, MOE, MOI, MRD). The workshop provided a great opportunity for partners and stakeholders to reflect on past, on-going activities as well as to plan together future activities under two priority thematic areas: (1) regulation and redistribution of large scale land acquisition; and (2) recognition of customary tenure for indigenous peoples and all farmers. Interested organizations and individuals organized themselves into the two groups of alliances under these priority thematic areas.

The learning and networking exchange took place in an enthusiastic and engaging environment.

The workshop also offered a unique opportunity for dialogue on the recognition of customary tenure of smallholders inside economic land concessions, focusing on the experience of Grandis Timber Company as a responsible investment in forest production in Cambodia and lessons learned from private sector engagement in Laos. A second dialogue was discussing preliminary findings of research undertaken by the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS) on the impact of two ELCs on land tenure and livelihoods of the indigenous peoples in Busra, Mondulkiri province. It also generated a lot of interest and discussion with some comments provided by Mr. Suon Sopha, Director of Land Administration in MLMUPC.

Knowledge products of four completed activities were presented to showcase contributions of the project and stimulate further contributions. Participants from different horizons also discussed on ongoing and new QDF and IF projects, most of which have been nurtured within Learning & Alliance Initiatives. Intentions and proposed activities of both L&A coalitions on Large-Scale Land Acquisition and Customary Tenure were further consolidated and planned. These activities integrated in the MRLG country strategy which was shared and discussed with the participants.