Mekong land research summer course announced

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Mekong land research summer course announced2

Mekong land research summer course announced


24 April 2017

Want to develop your land research skills? Participate in exciting summer program? The Regional Social Science Centre for Sustainable Development at Chiang Mai University and the Mekong Land Research Forum are running a week-long intensive summer school on land research in the Mekong Region this July.

The course is designed to equip early-career academic and advocacy-oriented researchers with key concepts, access to existing research outputs, and knowledge of current land issues across the region, to strengthen individual and networked research that is oriented to more inclusive land governance and secure access to land amongst the region’s rural and urban poor.

Up to four participants from each of the six Mekong countries will be accepted into the program, and the Mekong Region Land Governance (MRLG) program will provide travel and accommodation support to participants from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam, and will support the running costs of the program. (Participants from Thailand and Yunnan/Guangxi in China will need to fund their own travel and accommodation costs, but all tuition and accommodation costs will be provided without charge.)

MRLG’s deputy team leader Dr Christian Castellanet said the course was a great opportunity for professionals from the region to develop their skills in land research.

“We’ll assist RCSD in selecting the most interesting research proposals and giving small grants and follow up for their realisation,” he said.

The Call for Applications poster can be found here
A provisional agenda is found here
The Facebook page for the event is here