Land law implementation and monitoring discussed at The 3rd Viet Nam National Stakeholder Consultation workshop

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Land law implementation and monitoring discussed at The 3rd Viet Nam National Stakeholder Consultation workshop


28 October 2016

The 3rd Viet Nam National Stakeholder Consultation workshop was held on 26th – 27th October 2016 in Ha Noi, Viet Nam. This workshop had 3 objectives: i) update activities of MRLG in regional level and in country level; ii) share experiences and lessons from activities at country level in collaboration with partners and iii) present the Country Strategy and develop framework for potential learning groups. There were nearly 80 participants from Government agencies, University, Research institutes, Private sector and civil society organizations. In particular, this workshop heard from presentations made byparticipants representative of GDLA –MONRE; and VNFOREST – MARD.

This workshop finished with excellent result with over 97% participants affirmed the contents of workshop is very consistent with the interest of the participants. “I am so happy to joining this workshop and very grateful to you all for giving us the fantastic opportunity to present the priority in the enforcement mechanism of Land law as well as Land policies. I do know this workshop is great opportunity for us to sharing what we do relate to the Land governance” (Ms Hoang Thi Van Anh, Director of Policy and Department of GDLA, MONRE). All of participants appreciated her presentation, as it provided a lot of useful information related to the process of implementing the Land law as well as the importance of building good Monitoring & Evaluation system of the Land law implementation, including the importance of citizen’s participation and monitoring.

The country strategy was presented to participants to ensure there was common interest and agreement on the priorities areas of MRLG’s activities in Viet Nam up to March 2018, and it was affirmed that it is consistent with the actual situation in the country and the region. It was interesting to see the learning and alliance multi-stakeholder groups building consensus to work on the following themes over the coming year, to share experience and conduct some joint activities:

  • Consideration of ethnic communities in areas of state forest reallocation
  • Equal land rights for people and minority
  • Contributing to the revised Protection Forestry Law
  • Cross border land investments
  • People’s participation in land policy monitoring.

MRLG looks forward to actively facilitating the forward coordination and activities of these learning groups over the coming year.

The presentations of the workshop were shared and a final workshop report is being finalized for distribution to participants and interested followers this week.