Innovation Fund partnerships forged in Viet Nam

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Innovation Fund partnerships forged in Viet Nam


09 February 2016

Partnership forged to address land governance concerns of small farm holders in Viet Nam

Hanoi (25 January 2016). The Mekong Region Land Governance (MRLG) Project signed Agreements with the Center for Agricultural Policy – Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development (CAP-IPSARD), the Center for People and Forests (RECOFTC) Viet Nam and Oxfam-Land Alliance (LANDA) for implementation of three Innovation Fund (IF) projects at the start of the Inception Meeting on the 25th of January 2016 in Hanoi.

An Inception Workshop was organized to facilitate smooth implementation of the three IF projects and strengthen the coordination and collaboration among grantees and implementing partners.

CAP-IPSARD is working on developing a monitoring and evaluation system for an improved framework of reallocation of forest land in Viet Nam. Oxfam with partners Landa and Forland started its activities in developing a citizen monitoring system on land governance that will ensure meaningful participation of the citizens to reduce land use related conflicts. Lastly, RECOFTC Viet Nam with partner VNForest is facilitating the formation and capacity development of Viet Nam Forest Owners Association (VNFOA) to empower the organization and take full advantage of their rights to manage the forests that have been allocated to them.

Immediately, Oxfam and CAP-IPSARD saw the need to collaborate more closely and agreed to have a common framework in developing the monitoring and evaluation system. It is expected that more areas for collaboration will be identified along the way. The three IF project holders also agreed to hold 6-monthly coordination meetings to discuss and translate implementation lessons and experiences into policy briefs. The projects started implementation in December 15, 2015 and will end by December 29, 2017. The first coordination meeting will be held on April 19, 2016 to discuss the implementation progress and prepare for the Regional Land Forum in May 2016 in Vientiane. The Forum is being organized by MRLG and intends to provide a platform for regional exchange between and among government agencies, development partners, civil society organizations, private sectors, academia, practitioners and experts.

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